Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles Game

Team Gibson loves Angels Baseball. The best games are evening games where you are not baked in the hot Southern California sun. This game however was an afternoon game in full sun. We made it to the 7th inning stretch where my brother-in-law's name was on the Jumbotron for his birthday. Then we headed back to the car because it seemed there would be no way for our Angels to pull out a win with the dismal score. Who knew in the 9th inning they would score 7 runs and would beat the Seattle Mariners with a score of
Angels 10
Mariners 9

The power of the Rally Monkey worked for this game.

Hints for Angels Stadium
  • You can bring in food. Just make sure no glass & no alcohol
  • You can put a message on the scoreboard for your special someone for $35.00 call 714-940-2147
  • You can take an Uber and park off property 
  • Check for games with promotional items
  • There is an annual Star Wars night
  • Going with a group larger than 20 call 888-796-4256
  • Children under 3 can lap sit and do not need a ticket
  • Believe in the power of the Rally Monkey