I will become more Panhellenic

The morning of January 25, 1992, I became an initiated member of Alpha Omicron Pi. I was a transfer student so that made me a legacy to my younger sister. I loved being an AOII. I loved having a place to call home away from home. I loved having a close group of friends… sisters. I loved the events, parties, and formals. I loved participating in our philanthropy event Greek Row. I just loved being an AOII.


After graduation, AOII was still an important part of my life. My sisters celebrated happy events like weddings, the birth of babies, buying new homes and just a girls night out. We would also be there for the death of parents, relationships gone bad and even the death of my AOII little sister before she even turned 40. My daughter would speak lovingly about her Auntie at her memorial.


My daughters have seen the power of sisterhood first hand.


Tomorrow afternoon my firstborn legacy will start Sorority “Recruitment” ( Sorry, it will always be Rush to me) on a campus that does not have an AOII chapter. My daughter will come home Monday night with new Greek letters. She will have different cheers, different colors, a different mascot, a different new member pin, and eventually a different ritual that I will never know. 


I will become more Panhellenic.


I will buy piles of new letters. I will buy license plate frames, stickers, water bottles, photo frames, etc. all with new letters and colors.


I will be an AOII and she will be something else.


However, we will start to share what it means to be a Greek woman. We will share a long history of educated women who wanted more from college than just a string of endless classes. We will share a desire to help our philanthropy. We share a history of women who chose to be a member of a sisterhood. We will share stories of our Big Sister and of our Lil Sister. We will share stories of formals, exchanges, recruitment and so much more. 


We will share more than what is different.


Now the question remains of which of the six Panhellenic Sororities at her college will become her home?