The Journey of Sorority Recruitment



Sending my firstborn through sorority recruitment (Rush) was a foreign experience. Don’t get me wrong I have participated in different forms of recruitment as a potential new member (Pledge), Active and as an Alumnae. However, watching your firstborn go through the process was the most difficult experience.

Day One she visited all six sororities. The 6 NPC sororities were set up in the student union. All PNMs (Potential New Members) wore black t-shirts and the houses wore similar shirts in house colors. She called me at the end of the night gushing about what she spoke about to the different sororities and who she listed as her top four choices. She had one house in particular that she loved the most. I warned her not to fall in love with anyone yet, but like in all things, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Day Two she had a confidence shaker when she was dropped by a house she had listed, which meant she had to go to a house that she did not like. She went to her parties. She still had a party with her top house which she fell even harder for Day 2. Her call home Day 2 went much differently than Day 1. Her call was filled with whatifs. What if she only received a bid from the house that she didn’t like? Tears, options, counseling, and reassurance filled our phone call. I was blessed that she had the support of my Grand Lil Sis and my biological sister who is also my sorority sister. They shared their Rush stories and counseled her as well.

Day Three my Grand Lil Sis and I took firstborn out to a blowout bar for a fun little makeover for Preference Night. The women that worked on her were amazing and by the end of the experience, her confidence and spirits were up. She was ready to find out who she would be visiting for preference. She called us when she got her preference party list. She got her top house and her not so favorite house. Stress! However, the important part was she was at her top house for Preference Night. She visited her favorite house and was hooked. She bonded with the girl that Preffed her and made a wish in their wishing well that this would be her new home. She then went to her second party with her heart staying at the first. She filled out her MRABA and went back to my Grand Lil Sis’ home. We both prayed that night that her new home would be her #1 house since day one.

Daddy Gibson is convinced we have both lost our minds during this process. I am sure it looks bizarre to the outside world, but any woman that has ever gone through sorority recruitment will understand the stress that is formal recruitment (rush)