Fire pits at Crystal Cove

Some of my favorite California nights have been spent on the beach around a fire pit with friends. In Southern California a few beaches still allow wood burning fire pits, it usually requires you to get to the beach at the crack of dawn and set up camp waiting for the sun to set 12 hours later. There is another way...


The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove offers gas fire pits for rent. It's a little more expensive than picking up a cord of wood, but the ease and convenience more than makeup for it. The Beachcomber offers the packages below. We tend to do the Camper's Delight.

Rental Options


Standard Fire Pit Rental 

• $65

• 2 hour rental


Sunset Package 

• $95

• 2 hour rental

• Includes beverages (soda or water) for four

• Beach chairs for 4

• S'mores for 4


Campers Delight Package 

• $145

• 3 hour rental

• Includes Beverages (soda or water) for 4

• Hamburgers and Hot Dogs for 4

• Beach Chairs for four

• S'mores for 4


Luau Package

• $185

• 3 hour rental

• Includes beverages (soda or water) for six

• Chicken & Steak Kabobs for six

• S'mores for six

• Beach chairs for six



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