How to Paint a Senior Parking Spot

     We have now painted a Senior Parking Spot twice. It is a Senior right of Passage in the Temecula Valley School District. We have learned a few things along the way that we will share with you because we were unable to find what to paint the spot with on the internet. First: Bring the 10x10 . This will take all day long and young don't want a sunburn.

Then Sweep the spot very well. Whatever you miss will be part of your painting. Sweep and then sweep again. Then tape the spot with painters tape.

Seal the entire spot with Drylock Clear. Go thicker than you think you should. Then wait until it is dry 45-60 minutes. Yes , the kids around you will be cruising by you, but your painting will still be there in May when theirs is long gone. Be sure to apple this with a large roller brush. You will need two roller brushes for this project.

Make sure it is dry. I'm serious.

Choose a base color. We chose baby blue. Choose burple for all I care , but make sure the paint is a latex exterior paint. You will need the quart size for a 5x5 box. If your school allows you the whole spot, you will need more.

Use the second roller brush to apply the base coat. Be sure to fill in all the nooks and crannies. We had a crack in the middle of our spot so we poured the paint in, to fill the crack the best we could. Take your time with the base are check for areas that poke through as it dries. Let it dry for another 45-60 minutes. Go talk to your friends, check out their spots, and let yours dry fully.

Carefully pull the painters tape up. It will try to pull up the paint so do it slowly and carefully.

Use a pencil to sketch out your drawing. Be sure you have drawn the idea out on paper first. It is hard to size and visualize it without an original sketch. Draw it all out.

We then traced out the biggest piece in permanent marker. So we could see it clearly and everyone could help paint.

Bring lots of brushes. Craft stores have a big bag of random paint brushes for about $5.00 buy that bag. You will use all the brushes by the end. Paint the largest part first. Let it dry.

Then start adding the details. Let it fully dry. It needs to be totally dry before you apply the final coat of Dry Lock.

Apply a thick coat of the Dry Lock Clear . Cover the entire spot and go outside the box to seal the entire piece. You will see in the next photo how we went outside the box to seal it down.

And there we have it. It is the finished senior spot. Notice how we went outside the painting to seal it. That way the rain can't creep under it.

In case you are wondering , This is Taylor Swift and my daughter riding the Caticorn Olivia.


I would like to give a shout out to my niece MaryJane who took AKs idea and turned it into artistic reality. She is an amazing young artist.