Our New Electric Car

Team Gibson was on the wait list for the new electric Hyundai Ioniq. So when the call came in DaddyG was excited to go pick it up from Tustin Hyundai. We took it for a quick test drive and it was an odd sensation. Electric cars do not have a transmission so there is no shifting just acceleration. We signed the lease for three years with UNLIMITED MILEAGE. Yes, you read that correctly. DaddyG can drive over 200 miles in a day for work so we have never been able to do a lease. The Ioniq's range is 125 miles on a charge. A rapid charger can charge the car in 20 minutes. Our home 220 charger takes about 3 hours to charge the car fully. The beauty of this car is some of the perks of an electric car. $7,500 tax credit , ability to drive in the carpool lane, and the ability to take the 91 and 15 toll lanes for free. We also get electric credits and other perks.