Greek Life

Greek Life · September 14, 2017
Longest Day Ever… Emma did not receive her bid until 5 pm. We all waited and waited and waited. At 5:05pm a text came through with three greek letters Alpha Delta Pi. Firstborn got her #1 house. She was thrilled. We were all thrilled. Our world will now be filled with Diamonds and Lions. Congratulations Firstborn.
Greek Life · September 10, 2017
Sending my firstborn through sorority recruitment (Rush) was a foreign experience. Don’t get me wrong I have participated in different forms of recruitment as a potential new member (Pledge), Active and as an Alumnae. However, watching your firstborn go through the process was the most difficult experience.
Greek Life · September 07, 2017
Thoughts of an AOII Mom the night before her first born legacy goes to Panhellenic Recruitment.