New York

New York · April 10, 2018
Our Trip to NYC The Empire State Building
When in NYC you must visit the workplace of Buddy the Elf's Dad also known as The Empire State Building.
New York · April 09, 2018
Katz's Deli in New York City
“I’ll have what she’s having” - Rob Reiner’s Mom in When Harry Met Sally If you have seen the classic "When Harry Met Sally" you will remember Katz’s Deli. The deli has been around since 1888 and it is a NYC landmark. We enjoyed lunch at the table service area of the restaurant. We waited about 45 minutes to be seated which wasn't so bad. We ordered a little bit of everything; Knish, Matzo Ball Soup, Egg Cream, Pickles, Reuben Sandwich, Pastrami Sandwich and Egg Salad Sandwich. It...
New York · April 09, 2018
September11 Memorial and Museum New York City
The September 11 Museum and Memorial is a breathing taking experience. There was memories , sadness, tears and honoring. Such a powerful experience for our daughters.
New York · April 08, 2018
Central Park in New York City
There is nothing more iconic New York City than taking a stroll through the beautiful Central Park. The park offers stunning beauty in every season.
New York · April 08, 2018
Ferrara’s in Little Italy New York City
Serving espressos since 1892 makes Ferrara's in Little Italy, NYC America's first espresso bar. We could tell it was something special when we walked in and their were lines for counter pick up and table service.
New York · April 08, 2018
Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC
I love Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is so different than our parish churches in Temecula, California. It connects us to the Catholic faith in a new way.
New York · April 08, 2018
Walking around Rockefeller Center is like walking through a Christmas Card 365 days of the year.
New York · April 08, 2018
Oculus at World Trade Center
The Oculus Transportation Hub at the World Trade Center is truly a sight to behold. Every part of the architecture seems to be sweeping up towards heaven. The slim window that goes down the spine of the building offer the perfect view of One World Trade also know as The Freedom Tower. The hub connects the Path Trains coming in from New Jersey to the subway connections required to travel through New York City.
New York · April 08, 2018
Chicago on Broadway
Baby G has sang the part of Roxie Hart from Chicago. So the chance to see it on Broadway was super exciting.
New York · April 07, 2018
Times Square New York City

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