Travel · January 12, 2020
Visiting Lake Tahoe from Temecula, California
Travel · November 15, 2019
Takalik Maya Lodge , Guatemala - Visit from Temecula California
Travel · November 10, 2019
Travel · October 27, 2019
Visiting the Windy City Chicago from Temecula California
Travel · June 29, 2019
Travel · June 20, 2019
Travel · June 20, 2019
Travel · June 19, 2019
Travel · June 19, 2019
Snorkling at Hulopoe Bay Lanai Hawaii
We had amazing days at this gorgeous beach full of snorkeling, paddle boarding, and soaking up the sun. My husband ran up to Lanai City and would grab up Fresh Poke for Lunch. Amazing after a busy morning in the water. Everything on Lanai is so clean. I have never seen a such a nice beach bathroom.
Travel · May 15, 2019
What to do at the Pool at Treasure Island. Temecula Blogger shares all the tips and tricks for a great experience.

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